What does the Bible say regarding Marijuana


Marijuana has been around forever, and since God created it...

"See, I give you every seed-bearing plant
all over the earth
and every tree that has seed-bearing fruit on it
to be your food,

and to all the animals of the land,
all the birds of the air,
and all the living creatures that crawl on the ground,
I also give all the green plants for food." Genesis 1:29


In 1952 the "Revised Standard Version" of the Bible was prepared by 32 scholars over 15 years,
published for Protestants (those churches that sprouted from the 1529 followers of Martin Luther
against the decisions of the Catholic Majority at the Second Diet of Speyer, Germany.)

In 1925 the London Bible Society distributed 10.5 million Bibles in 566 languages.

In 1735 the Bible was translated into Lithuanian.

In 1671 the First Bible edition in Arabic was printed in Rome, Italy.

In 1522, Martin Luther finishes translation of the New Testament (the Old Testament was finished in 1543),
and the Wittenberg printer, Hans Lufft, produces 100,000 copies over the course of the next 40 years.
The Polyglot Bible (in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic) was published by the University of Alcala, France.

In 1453, the first "Bible" ever printed was the 42 - line (Mazarin) bible at Mainz, Germany
by Johann Gutenberg and his financier Johannes Fust.

In 1229 The Inquisition in Toulouse forbade Bible reading by all non-priest laymen.

Prior to that, in 845 the Vivian Bible was one of the first illustrated manuscripts, written in Tours, France.

Prior to that copies were hand-copied by Scribes and the book-copying industry at Alexandria, Egypt
was destroyed in 641 by the Arabs after Mohammed captured Mecca
and wrote letters to all the rulers of the world in 628, explaining the principles of the Moslem faith.

Prior to this the Bible was simply an unorganized group of separate writings
that were to ultimately be used to make up the present day Bible.

The Apostles never wrote their own "Gospels", those were written by admiring apprentice scribes.
Down through the ages the "telephone game" played by children in today's society acted to gradually change the histories and stories of the actual History of mankind. The Old Testament account of creation dates from long after the time of Moses; he never taught the Hebrews such a distorted story of the Creation of our planet being created in six days. But he did present a simple and condensed narrative of creation to the Israelites, hoping thereby to augment his appeal to worship the Creator, the Universal Father, whom he called the Lord God of Israel.

In his early teachings, Moses very wisely did not attempt to go back of Adam's time, and since Moses was the supreme teacher of the Hebrews, the stories of Adam became intimately associated with those of creation. That the earlier traditions (earlier than the teachings of Moses) recognized pre-Adamic civilization is clearly shown by the fact that later editors, intending to eradicate all reference to human affairs before Adam's time, neglected to remove the telltale reference to Cain's emigration to the "land of Nod," where he took himself a wife. Where did she come from? Now, supposedly, Adam was created on the Sixth Day of Creation and from his side made Eve to be equal with him. They were supposedly the very first humans ever created. First they gave birth to Able and then to his brother Cain who turns around and kills Able. Then, Cain went off to the land of Nod and took himself a wife. ??? Where did she come from???

Its fine and dandy to be a reader of the "Bible" but to claim that it is the "only" written "Word of God" and to hold it in such a sacred frozen doctrine of "truth," is to be irresponsible to the "Spirit of Truth" which was poured out upon all flesh after the death and resurrection of Joshua ben Joseph whom we currently know as Jesus Christ. The "Spirit of Truth" can attest to the fact that many do not even know what the Gospel "of" Jesus is let alone being able to live out its tenets. Sure, many know the gospel "about" Jesus but that doesn't do anyone any actual good except those within the churches who profit from continuing to perpetuate the "atonement theory of our miserable lack of progress!"

And, Jesus told the following to the participants of the Feast of the Tabernacles, about the scribes and Pharisees of the Sanhedrin (Jerusalem highest reigning body of religious leaders). "The rulers seek to kill me because they resent my teachings about the good news of the kingdom, a gospel that sets men free from the burdensome traditions of a formal religion of ceremonies which these teachers are determined to uphold at any cost. They circumcise in accordance with the law on the Sabbath day, but they would kill me because I once on the Sabbath day set free a man held in the bondage of affliction. They follow after me on the Sabbath to spy on me but would kill because on another occasion I chose to make a grievously stricken man completely whole on the Sabbath day. They seek to kill me because they well know that, if you honestly believe and dare to accept my teaching, their system of traditional religion will be overthrown, forever destroyed. Thus will they be deprived of authority over that to which they have devoted their lives since they steadfastly refuse to accept this new and more glorious gospel of the kingdom of God. And now do I appeal to everyone of you: Judge not according to outward appearances but rather judge by the true spirit of these teachings; judge rightly."

You see the gospel "of" Jesus is that the kingdom of God is an understanding of the Fatherhood and Motherhood of God as our Divine Set of Parents. That we have a direct relationship with God and that we don't need any intercessor or redeemer to speak to God on our behalf (because of apparent "sins of the parents" which supposedly prevent us from ever seeing or speaking with God or attain a place where God exists all by ourselves.) Jesus was always urging us to go into the closet and speak with our God. He Himself found that communion in the hills, apart by Himself.

Because of this Divine relationship each of us can enjoy (even more so through faith) the Divine fact that each of us are as a result brothers and sisters, no matter the color of skin, the origin of family blood, or sexual orientation; or socioeconomic, religio-political stratosphere we were born into; no matter what. We are all members of the same family and Jesus knew that if we would believe in His good news that our world today in the 21st century would be so much better because of this knowledge.

So, you see, this is the Gospel of Jesus.
The Fatherhood and Motherhood of God
(for you can't have a Father without a Mother)
and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of men and women.
All one family.

And, because of this ennobling truth we can improve our world by treating each other like adults who love their children because we wouldn't want to treat our children any differently than a loving God would treat Gods children.

So why are we throwing people in prison for possessing a plant that God gave us in the beginning?
Thrown in with murderers and rapists and others who truly are lost as to the meaning of being in a family.

Compassion would show us that people with drug problems need counseling not incarceration. They haven't learned moderation and go to excesses with their lives.

Empathy would direct us to start treating everyone as a member of the family of mankind and not use racial profiling to target the next victim for the continuation of maintaining an industrial/crime complex. This will be hard to do because there are many people within government sanctioned agencies who are addicted to the moneys they receive from waging the "War on Drugs." These people are as much addicted to the money as the users are addicted to the drugs.

Tobacco is a deadly drug. But it's legal???
Alcohol is a deadly drug. And, it's legal???
Marijuana use has never killed anyone. And, it's illegal???

Who's more asleep at the wheel... the leaders of our government or the people who put them there.

It's time to awaken the sleeping giant and let our voices be heard.

Dear God
Please replace incarceration with treatment.
Please replace prohibition with regulation.
Please stop them putting our children in prison.


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